How does the OKCC Filing Alert System Work?

How It Works

Registered accounts will receive a notification if a document is recorded in the County Clerk’s office matching the registered property. Common names may trigger an alert that my not actually be yours. If you receive a recording notification and it is not a document you have prior knowledge of contact the Oklahoma County Clerk’s office at

You can select one of the following options:


Text/SMS Notification

Receive a text message to your mobile device for every filing alert. Text messages have a link to the filed document for easy review. You always have complete control of text messages. You can turn notification on or off at any time and we’ll only text you during business hours.


Email Notification

Receive an email alert for every filing on a registered property. Emails have a link to the web page where you can review the filed document.


Automated Telephone Notification

Receive an automated telephone call to alert you of filed documents. Turn telephone notification on or off as desired. We’ll only call you during regular business hours.


USPS Mail Notification

Receive a postcard for each filing. This is the slowest method of notification and does not provide electronic links to filed documents. Post cards arrive at your registered address about 10-days after filing.